Care for your Tutu

Your tutu will come folded so it will require a little bit of fluffing upon arrival. Remove from the package and hang right away. Fluff it gently by running your fingers through the tulle starting from the knots and moving down towards the end using an up and outward motion.

If for any reason your tutu becomes wrinkles, the best solution is to hang it in your bathroom with a hot shower running for 10-20 minutes. The steam will help to removing the wrinkles. A hand held steamer will also work well. Try to spot clean areas rather than cleaning the whole costume as both washing and dry cleaning damage a tutu. Do so infrequently and with care. Hang it up to dry and refluff it again afterwards.

Spray with Febreze to remove odours and kill some bacterias.

Avoid ironing your tutu, too much heat can permanently damage your tutu and even melt the fabric.

The best way to maintain your tutus fluffiness and to avoid unwanted wrinkles is by hanging it up in the closet.

Some tutus are made with extra embellishments that could pose a choking hazard to small children. We recommend tutus be worn under the supervision of an adult.

About Tutu.My

We make tutus for newborns to little girls. We truly believe that every girls deserves to have a tutu in her closet. Every little girls enjoys to twirl, to dance, to pretend to be a ballerina or to feel like a princess/fairy! Read more...

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